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20 Double Fine Years

Journey through the minds and creations of Double Fine Productions, The World’s Most Excellent Video Game Developer(TM)!

Art book, archive and tome of legend, 20 Double Fine Years explores the people, culture, events and inspiration behind games that are varied, unique and distinctly Double Fine. 

Browse the art and read the tales of ingenuity that have defined Double Fine's output over two decades, from Psychonauts to Costume Quest, Brütal Legend to Broken Age, The Cave to Rad, Psychonauts 2 and stacks more.

The games, Amnesia Fortnight, Day of the Devs, company picnics, dubious early office space, dizzying success and flailing panic... Discover what has made Double Fine so very mighty fine direct from the people who have contributed to its present and past as it moves towards a bright new orange and yellow future.

Lovingly produced and constructed by Indie By Design, creators of luxury books that
celebrate the history, culture and creativity of videogames.

20 Double Fine Years: The Book

Over 280 pages of Double Fine art and insight printed on luxury paper stock. The ultimate exploration of Double Fine Productions, featuring the best of the studio's art and design through the years and informed by tens of hours of original and exclusive interviews conducted just for this book.

Lithographic printing, thread sewn binding for durability and aesthetic quality and showstopper fold out page art underscore a book made to the highest standards of production and care.

20 Double Fine Years: Legend


Everything that the Standard Edition is and more! Featuring the same exciting 280+ pages of Double Fine art and insight with all of the bells and whistles of lithographic printing, thread sewn binding and showstopper fold out page art.

20 Double Fine Years: Legend Edition also boasts a luxury, tactile cloth cover and gold foil detailing in a debossed impression of the iconic Double Fine Two-Headed Baby logo.

Tim Schafer says...

"Recently, I was looking back on the amazing 20 years we've had as a game company, and... I totally drew a blank. Seriously, my memory just isn't what it used to be. So I summoned my court scribes and said, 'Pen me a tome, worthy of the ages, so that I shall remember every amazing detail of this crazy ride we've been on, and so that nobody, not even I, forgets this amazing story.'

And so they did.

Every up, every down, every crazy sideways shimmy we've ever done is in this illustrated manuscript for all to remember. Heroic ballad? Cautionary tale? You be the judge!"

20 Double Fine Years of Games

From blockbusters to browser games and remastered classics to motion-controlled party titles, Double Fine Productions is known for its varied and vibrant creations spanning two decades.

20 Double Fine Years showcases the concept art, paintings, sketches, renders and more that went into the creation of its games. Further, original and exclusive interviews provide behind-the-scenes insight from the studio's founder, Tim Schafer, exceptional staff and long-term collaborators - including Peter Chan, Anna Kipnis, Scott Campbell, Khris Brown, Peter McConnell and more.

"Excellent. A victory for good taste."

Sasha Nein - Psychonaut

"Call of the Wiiiiiild, was my favorite book! (But I like this one, too.)"

Eddie Riggs - Brutal Legend

“This is a book so good that it’ll make you want to pluck your eyes out. So make sure you’re wearing your goggles…”

Razputin Aquato -Psychonaut

"I think I'd like to eat this book."

Mog Chothra, Broken Age


Can I buy this for someone else?
YES! We positively encourage it. You'll receive a PDF flyer as part of the order confirmation that can be sent to the recipient (see above). A separate order is required for each unique delivery address.

When will I receive my order?
Shipping has begun. Pre-orders are being shipped first, starting 1st October 2021

I'd like to email you!
Lovely! Drop us a line at hello@doublefinebook.com

I live in the EU, will I pay local VAT rates?
Yes, most likely. For further details on EU shipping and VAT charges see our Shipping Policy and Information page

What's in the book?
Art from Double Fine's digital and physical archives, stories, anecdotes, history. All the result of extensive research and dozens of hours of interviews conducted exlcusively for this book. A whole lot.

Who is Indie By Design?
Indie By Design is a boutique publisher of premium quality books that celebrate the culture, history and creativity of videogames. For more, head to IndieByDesign.net and on Twitter @IndieByDesign

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