Stacking is 10 years old! Come see its art and origins in 20 Double Fine Years...


Earlier this week Double Fine's Stacking turned 10 years old. To mark the occasion in our own small way we're very happy to reveal a couple of the pages featuring Stacking from the upcoming 20 Double Fine Years.

One of the best things about creating this book is that we have privileged and unbound access to Double Fine's art archives, which span many, many handmade, physical pieces of artistic expression and an unbelievable number of gigabytes in digital assets.

Within those archives are an incredible breadth and wealth of art that is so diverse that it's sometimes difficult to fathom just how it's all the work of a single studio.

A great example of Double Fine's diverse visual approach is found in Stacking, with its art style and direction being both unique and immediately charming. There's simultaneously an eccentricity and a magnetism that runs through the studio's work and this is boldly and powerfully demonstrated by Stacking, its visuals, its game design and the mark it leaves on its players.

We hope you enjoy this little peek at what's to come in the finished book. We're really pleased with how 20 Double Fine Years is looking and we can't wait to get the finished article into your hands later this year so that you can enjoy the art and the stories that we've had the pleasure of collecting and presenting for you.

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